Bactrian Games

Bactrian Games is an Independent game studio headquartered in Palo Alto, California and developer of Norman's Night In for iOS and Android

Release Date Update


Nick here. I just wanted to write a quick note and share some release news.

As some of you may have seen, earlier this week, Apple announced big changes to the app store coming September 19th, one day after our September 18th launch. It was difficult news to process because of how much of an impact it will have on our release.

As a self-publishing team of 2, getting press, being featured on various store fronts, and word of mouth are some of our best tools for a successful launch. Launching one day before such a large change undercuts the potential coverage and feature opportunities we have. With iOS being such a big market for us, we’ve decided to push the release a couple weeks and hope for less turbulent waters.

Norman’s Night In will be available October 2, 2019 on Steam, Google Play, and the App Store!

It was a difficult decision to make, but we’re optimistic! We’ve put so much time and love into this game; after almost 4 years of development, what’s another 2 weeks. If anyone asks, tell them we’re giving Apple some room to breathe--we’d hate to overshadow them on their big day :)

Regarding development, things are going really well! I’ll follow up with more specifics in a future post, but suffice to say, PAX West was awesome, the game is in a great place, and we’re excited to have you play it.

Until next time,

PAX East and Dev Update!


We're back from PAX East 2019

And have been for a little while now :)

For those who don’t know, the folks at Penny Arcade were gracious enough to select Norman's Night In as PAX East 2019 Indie Showcase Winners. We were lucky enough to be 1 of 4 awesome indie games chosen to showcase, and saying that still feels weird!

The 2 of us have been developing Norman's Night In for more than 3 years, and watching people (700+ in 4 days!!) play, enjoy, laugh, and share the thing we've worked so hard to make is flippin’ magical.


With PAX East complete and our sleep schedules wrangled back to normalcy, we're excited to be heads-down on finishing Norman's Night In. 


Over the last month, we've extended our playable platforms and now have NNI running smoothly on PC, Android, and iOS! We also added fancy new controller support, which might be my favorite update this month. We've also been adding final art throughout the game including brand new levels that we'll be BETA testing in the near future. 

We're very happy with how development is going! Things are coming together, Norman's Night In is starting to look shiny thanks to the vigorous polish we're applying, and people are being nice to us on the internet. Onwards to profit so we can keep doing this awesome thing we're passionate about (and finally feed our emaciated bodies)!


I'd like to briefly thank everyone who stopped by our booth at PAX East. Your support is very-much appreciated :) We'd also like to thank PAX East and everyone involved in the Indie Showcase--great games and great people all around.


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Until next time,

Nick & Alex