Bactrian Games

Bactrian Games is an Independent game studio headquartered in Palo Alto, California and developer of Norman's Night In for iOS and Android

Release Delay - Norman's Night In


Nick here. Just wanted to give you an update on development and the status of release. We ran into some unexpected stability issues last week. Problems that, despite our best efforts, late nights, and eager spirits, persisted and have yet to be resolved. We would absolutely love to get Norman's Night In into your hands and share the thing we've been working so passionately on. Unfortunately, stability of the build isn't up to the level of quality we expect from ourselves. The game is so close and it absolutely breaks our hearts, but we'll be delaying the launch of Norman's Night In.

We'll have more information for you shortly including a new release date--don't worry, it will be very soon! In the meantime, we're working on getting a demo of the game up on Steam that you can play until the full launch. Look forward to that early next week.

Thank you for all for the support. Our sincere apologies for those as excited as we are for Norman's Night In; we're working to make it the highest quality we possibly can.

Nick & Alex